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Museum Manners

We’re so glad you chose to visit the CRMA! One of our priorities is to protect the museum’s collection of artwork, so here’s how you can help us do that:

  • Respect the Museum building and the people in it.
  • Keep your voices soft so you don’t disturb any other visitors.
  • Enjoy the art with your eyes——not your hands. You should not touch any of the artwork OR the cases that hold it.
  • Do not lean against the walls——you might bump a piece of artwork. It’s safest to stay about an arm’s length away from the walls and art.
  • If you bring backpacks or large bags to the museum, you may be asked to check them at the front desk before you go into the galleries, since they could accidentally bump into artwork.
  • You’re encouraged to bring pencils & sketchbooks into the galleries (regular pencils only, though, since other media are not allowed inside the galleries). Clipboards are always available at the front desk if you need something hard to write on so you’re not tempted to use the walls or artifact cases.
  • Photos are allowed in SOME of the galleries, as long as you don’t use a flash or use a selfie stick. Check with the front desk for our full photography policy.

If you have any questions, please call us at 319.366.7503. Thanks!